Direct Your Enquiries

There has been an excessive amount of brouhaha about the new Directory Enquiry service that is about to be launched.  It will connect you directly to peoples’ phones, both mobile and landlines.  There have been complaints that it is intrusive, invasive and one step away from Big Brother.  What a load of old horsefeathers.  I think that this new system is so much better than the old directory enquiries because in the long run, it is so much safer.

In the old days, anyone could ring up #192 and ask the operator for the telephone number for any address in the land.  The operator would then give the number out to the person enquiring.  This would be done without checking the identity of the enquirer of if the person whose number was being enquired about wanted the person enquiring to have their number.   That meant that a persons’ phone number could have been handed out to any old anonymous nutter with evil intent.  Yes I know there was exdirectory, but all that did was confirm the person being enquired about lived at a particular address. With the new system, the person enquiring has to give their name to the operator, who then rings the person being enquired about, who is then given the enquirer’s name and is asked if they want to receive the call from them.  The killer fact is that not only does this stop anonymous nutters getting peoples’ phone numbers, because the only person who ever sees the number is the operator.  A much better system.


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