Big Audio Dynamite (A Doctor Who News Update)

There can be little doubt that Doctor Who is back in its rightful place at the heart of British Popular Culture, however,  since the series last held sway over the nation, the Internet has become a major means of communication.   Proof of this came When filming took place at the Jacob’s Antiques Centre in Cardiff, a fan called Alun.Vega was able to record a segment of what was occurring on a lower floor by standing next to the buildings Edwardian open lift shaft.  This recording was uploaded onto the ‘net.  This clip confirmed the return of an iconic monster from the series, in a World War Two setting that featured an appearance one of the greatest men in British history, and the first clue as to what Matt Smith’s Doctor will like.  This sort of scrutiny just did not exist back in the 1970′s when Doctor Who was as well loved as it is today.  Of course, the wise television producer will completely ignore what is said about their show on the Internet because they are more interested in creating a massive mainstream hit than pandering to a handful of on-line fans.

Spoilers beyond this point.

The clip proved a number of things were occurring in Series 31* the Daleks are back.  this time they have insinuated their way into a British military research centre during World War Two and have managed to brainwash one of the scientists there into thinking that he has created the “Ironsides” as the ultimate weapon for use against Nazi Germany.  The Daleks in question are pretending to be subservient and very British, asking The Doctor if he would like a cup of tea.  Of course nobody believes The Doctor when he tells them how dangerous the Daleks are because he looks so young and inexperienced.  The scheming of the Dustbins no doubt revolves around the presence of wartime Prime Minister Winston Spencer Churchill at the bunker. Perhaps they are trying to alter Earth history by helping the Nazis win World War Two.

Unfortunately, the recording unleashed such a shit-storm of negative comments from the mindless minority that Alun.Vega was forced to remove it from his web site.  The new series spoiler section on Gallifrey Base, just like Outpost Gallifrey and the Doctor Who Forum before it is plagued by a vocal minority of meat-headed idiots, who hate the new series for taking their cult obsession away from them and making it mainstream again.  They desperately hope that the next series will be a failure, and they get their obscure little obsession back.  They claim that one poor quality sound recording of what might turn out just to be a rehearsal is being used as evidence that  Matt Smith, the actor cast as Doctor#11, cannot act which will cause the series to crash and burn.  All I can say to these morons is “it aint gonna happen.”  the series will go from strength to strength.

In other news, it appears that Richard Curtis, the man behind films like Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral; and sitcoms like The Vicar of Dibbly and Blackadder has been asked to write a story for Series 31*.  This does not surprise me in the slightest.  Mr. Curtis said in an interview at the beginning of the year that he would love to write for Doctor Who. I can hardly wait, but the meat-heads on GB apparently can, well stuff them, the Curtis story is going to be great.  It is interesting to note that the story was first broken by The Sun. I love the way that that glorified comic got the story so badly mangled, attaching Curtis’ name to what is known about the story currently being filmed in Cardiff. When Eddie  Izzard completed the epic feat of 43 marathons in 51 days for the charity Sports Relief, Richard Curtis (who helped found the charity) was interviewed by Lizo Mzimba for the BBC.  The subject eventually moved to Doctor Who and the writer seemed to be under the impression that his story, due to be filmed in  November would be broadcast in February.  I suspect that a two month turnaround between filming and broadcast is what Mr. Curtis is used to with the production of situation comedies, but I don’t think this is the case with an effects heavy drama like Doctor Who, which is he was off the opinion that Series 31* will be broadcast considerably earlier in the year than has been the case since 2005.

* You might have noticed that I am now simply referring to series of Doctor Who only by the number of series created since 1963, when I used to include the number of series since it returned to the screens in 2005.  This is mainly because BBC Wales has decided that as this is virtually a new series, as so much of the cast and management has changed, that they will officially refer to it as Ser

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