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A Golden Age!

Monday, 27 July, 2009

Talk of the 1980′s in the previous article reminded me just how dire that particular decade really was.  However, some young people, especially  teenagers, seem to think they were some sort of Golden Age.  A few weeks ago, I was talking to Jaime McDonald who is in her late teens, who was telling me how great the clothes from the ’80′s were, and how she and all her friends loved wearing them, and what a great decade it must have been.  I was at a loss for words, I mean I was there, I knew how awful people looked back then.  I remembered listening to bands like  Flock of Seagulls on the radio because there was nothing else on.

Then it struck me, when I was her age, I thought that the Sun shone from the 1960′s, which must have been the hippest time ever.  There must be something about the decade of your birth that makes you want to idolize it when you are a teenager.  It was not until I  got to my my mid twenties that I realised that whilst there are some notable things about the 1960′s that are worth praising,  so much of the naff also survives.    By this time I had been living an adult life for a few years (in the 1990′s which was, truth be told another naff decade), I realized that it was better to enjoy the place in time you were actually living in, and not to yearn for some mythical Golden Age that never really existed.

As Others See Us

Thursday, 25 June, 2009

ModelI was quite amused by an article in today’s Daily Mail.  One of the women featured is guaranteed to garner no sympathy what so ever from the female readership of that paper.  The reason is obvious from the photo on the right.  It does not matter what the poor dear imagines she looks like, she is 27, drop dead gorgeous, and the paper’s stylists have dressed her in a floaty silk summer dress.  Well, I say dress, strappy top would be more appropriate.

The outfit is more suited to the 17 year old girl who was  also featured in the article. She showed a great deal of sense and maturity by choosing to be photographed for the article in a rather mumsy pink cocktail dress. Proving that despite her Despite her self image problems, but she drew the line at the outfit in question.