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As Others See Us

Thursday, 25 June, 2009

ModelI was quite amused by an article in today’s Daily Mail.  One of the women featured is guaranteed to garner no sympathy what so ever from the female readership of that paper.  The reason is obvious from the photo on the right.  It does not matter what the poor dear imagines she looks like, she is 27, drop dead gorgeous, and the paper’s stylists have dressed her in a floaty silk summer dress.  Well, I say dress, strappy top would be more appropriate.

The outfit is more suited to the 17 year old girl who was  also featured in the article. She showed a great deal of sense and maturity by choosing to be photographed for the article in a rather mumsy pink cocktail dress. Proving that despite her Despite her self image problems, but she drew the line at the outfit in question.

Bustling Away

Wednesday, 3 June, 2009

Last night, whilst scanning through the Doctor Who Forum, I spotted a discussion about whether Karen Gillan’s character should be from the past, the present or the future.  It started me wondering what would her character look like if she were from the 1880′s for example.  I knew that there was a photo of Miss Gillan online when she was modelling a very Victorian hairstyle, so using GIMP, the Linux image manipulation software, I cut her head from that picture, and superimposed it onto a suitable picture of a woman wearing something from c1884.  And below is the finished article. Even in the full rig Victoriana, Miss Gillan would still be absolutely gorgeous.

And whilst I have far too much time on my hands whilst I am waiting for the pain in my feet to subside, I will probably do more of this cack-handed image manipulation.