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The Personification of Uncool

Tuesday, 21 July, 2009

With Spoilers.  You have been warned.

Today saw the start of filming on the fifth series of Doctor Who since it returned in triumph to television.  It is the start of the reign of Matt Smith as The Doctor.  Yes after six months, we finally get to see what will look like in the role.  My first thought on seeing the photo was Indiana Jones, no not the leather jacket and bull-whip Indy, I mean the respectable archaeology lecture Dr. Jones  we see at the start of each movie.  You know the one that looks so boring and predictable, the one who is just waiting to get out there and give those Nazis/Commies a good kicking.  Doctor#11 is the personification of Uncool, in his tweed jacket with leather elbow patches and red bow tie.  Someone who looks that young should not be so fuddy-duddy, but we know that despite his outward appearances, he really is not young, he is a 950 year old Time Lord and he is the cleverest person in the room.  Below is the picture that the BBC has released.  Not the most interesting of shots from Aunty, I should imagine that there will be more to follow soon.

The Sun had a much more interesting photo, featuring Alex Kingston.  Yes, River Song is back.  Not my favourite of characters, but she is a Moffat creation, and given the “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” nature of the series, going back to before she died, possibly when she first meets The Doctor is not surprising.

nurses-karenAnyway, apart from the return of River Smug, today saw the announcement of more details of Karen Gillan’s character.  Apparently she is called Amy Pond and is speaks with Karen Gillan’s natural Scottish accent.  The outfit that she is wearing in the various photographs that the paparazzi have sold the various newspapers  just screams 1980’s at me.  All that was missing was a pair of woollen leg-warmers.  It would be nice to have a non-contemporary companion this time around, and the 1980’s is still close enough to the present day as to be comfortable in the modern world.  But we still know precious little about Amy Pond, like if she has a family that she visits regularly and what she does for a living.  Now if she were a nurse, then she would be from the era when nurses still looked like nurses, in shapeless dresses with big belts, black stockings with sensible shoes and silly hats on their heads, like the photo-shopped image on the left.

And I have to say just how much I hate the new TARDIS prop.  I know that the spods out there hated the prop that used to be used on the current run because it did not look enough like a MacKenzie-Trench Mark III GPO/Metropolitan Police Telephone Box.  At least they had made an effort with that prop.  The new one looks terrible, like a child’s drawing of a Police Box.  Just plain awful.